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LakeView Lodge Bullys Olde English Bulldogges are raised in a loving family home with an emphasis on Temperament, Intelligence and most of all Health.


OUR OEBs keep their tails and come in all unique and rare colors. 

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LakeView Lodge Bullys is an IOEBA Registered Kennel 

Our Bullys are Direct descendents of the Original re-creators of the famous 18th Century

Olde   English Bulldogge!!!

Lake View Lodge's


We are dedicated to the development 

          and out come of our bully's

Our bully's are raised in a family home 

            and over ten acres of land


We breed for temperamentintelligence

                and most of all health

Diets consist rich nutrients with a                   healthy grain free raw diet

Puppies are provided constant care and                           nourishment

Based on years of experience

All of our Bully baby's have a Veterinarian Exam Certificate of Health and are IOBEA Registered.

LVL Bullys Veterinarians have been carefully selected for their bully based knowledge and experience.
We do not rush our bully babies with mamma and allow Her to wean her babies at her own pace. 

Our pups are generally much older than other breeders because our bully babies stay with their mom for a minimum of 8 weeks.

So When you see a pup that is older it's because the puppy was ready not us!

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LakeView Lodge Bullys is a premier Blue Ribbon breeder of


We take great pride in our selective research based breeding program and have a

combined 40 plus years of knowledge and experience. 

  We breed only OEB to OEB 

LakeView Lodge Bullys is a member of the embark breeders program

for advanced DNA testing selective breeding.  


LakeView Lodge Bullys does not participate in the optional cosmetic tail docking.  

OUR Puppies have Tails!​

Research shows this is best for their overall health and new beginnings. 

 LakeView Lodge strives to give our Bullys an optimal life.

We provide a diet full of venison, fruits, vegetables, grain free food along with vitamin and mineral supplements. 

OUR Bullys are given plenty of exercise and participate in agility training- Swimming, obstacle courses with hurdles, and herding. 

The Love and care of Our Bullys is number one.

Your Bully is given the best beginning long before conception until they find their forever family.

A LakeView Lodge Bully is bred for Temperament, Intelligence and Most of Health!

We have some of the best lineages! just ask 

Our pups comes in all unique and rare colors- Merle, Blue, Lilac, Chocolate, Tri, Red, Black seal, BLue seal, Fawn, Sable and more!

LVL provides a life time of support and encourages families to continue to stay in-touch.

We have many family reunions. Parents and siblings enjoy the visits and never forget each other.

The experience is amazing.

LVL Family Testimonials

Jimmy G.

Finding Lakeview, and finding Dezzy, was definitely destiny for me. I'm looking forward to many long years with my beautiful, athletic, genius sidekick. We have all the love.....

I haven't even gotten my puppy yet, but I would highly recommend this breeder. They have been so helpful and informative through everything. I was never planning on having two puppies at the same time, but something about my new baby girl just felt so right, I couldn't ignore it. She was made for me, I can tell. Thanks for everything you have said and done, we will never forget your kindness or love.

Kellys S,
5 Stars

 We brought home one of LakeView Lodge's babies last year, and we ADORE her. One of the best decisions we ever made. Our Penny is terrific with our large family. She's full of personality and so smart. We were so impressed at how loved and well cared for these puppies are, and we cannot say enough positive things about this breeder.

Jennifer N. 

5 Stars

We brought home our baby last December. He is a loveable clown. Can’t say enough good things about this breeder.

Elyzabeth A. 
5 Stars

Love our puppy from this litter. We adopted baby Bella who we now call Georgie of the North. She’s so full of character and overall a gorgeous girl. Thank you so much for our puppy.

Annette H.

5 Stars

Lakeview Lodge Kennels Bruiser bully’s . Was an amazing experience. We were encouraged to take out time choosing our baby . We also got to see the wonderful parents on site and their grandma too. They are well mannered and have a excellent temperament healthy solid OEB pups and not to mention very intelligent. We brought home a baby Brody. Two weeks later went back to get another puppy..... From the type of people Lakeview Lodge kennels Bruiser bully’s are loving super
Involved in the love for the OEB breed. I am always a skeptical person. But after being there seeing for my self.
I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone at all.

Lance M. 

Picked up our newest family member Skittles aka Betty today. She is great and the whole experience was very nice. I highly recommend Bruiser Bully’s.







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