All About the OEB

The Olde English Bulldogge (OEB) made its first appearance in the 1970s in the United States. This new breed was in many ways created to capture the traits of the original and extinct Old English Bulldog—the agile, athletic bull-baiting breed of the 17th century.


Data was rounded from 1/6th or 16.67% to 17%. Information adapted from Wikipedia.


  • Body Weight: 50-70 pounds (females); 65-85 pounds (males); (Mine weighs in at about 96 pounds!)

  • Body Height: 17-19 inches (females); 18-20 inches (males)

  • Body Type: Medium-sized to large; wide shoulders, muscular, strong, and athletic

  • Muzzle Type: Large and broad; brachycephalic traits but with unrestricted nares; undershot jaw, blocky head

  • Temperament: Courageous and stable temperament, enjoys praise; trustworthy, loyal, and protective

  • Lifespan: Between 10 to 14 years

  • Coat Type: Short

  • Trainability: High; eager to please

Why Do Olde English Bulldogges Make Great Family Pets

Olde English Bulldogges have many great attributes. Compared to other bulldog breeds, they have less of the health issues associated with standard brachycephalic breeds (characterized by a shortened muzzle) and are known for their excellent temperament.

  • Good Temperament: They are trustworthy, loyal, protective, and loving.

  • Friendly: They do well with other animals and small kids (when socialized and trained early).

  • Athletic: They are athletic, hardy, and less sensitive to hot and cold climates compared to other brachycephalics.

  • Hypoallergenic: Their coat type and coat dander do not trigger allergies in most sensitive individuals.

  • Trainable: They are eager to please and do well when engaged in training activities.

  • Good Health: Compared to other breeds, OEBs possess less of the commonly inherited negative bulldog traits (airway issues, hip issues, climate sensitivity, difficult births and breeding).