The next few weeks is full of anticipation and excitement for your new LVL Bully Baby.

We have compiled a list to help you prepare and to keep you updated on the events leading up to the Big Delivery day. 

Veterinarian Certificate of Exam:

Bullys Baby's are scheduled at week 7 for their Veterinarian exam. 

Upon completion of the Veterinarian exam: 

Deliveries/Pick ups will be scheduled.  

Each Family will be notified of the date and time frame of delivery/pickup


Weeks8/9: Deliveries/Pickups

Safety is our number one Priority. Delivery is free up to the first 100 miles (round trip). Location for puppy delivery will be determined by nearest Police station for puppies with a remaining balance. 

Puppies paid in full prior to delivery will be determined by nearest location up to the 100 miles.

Delivery past 100 miles: Each additional mile is .50cents.  

Needing a surprise ? Let us know we have several Fun Surprise Ideas- No Extra Cost Ever

Bully Baby Supplies: 

Your baby will come with a custom scented bully bed and new played with toy. 

Starter food is Wildology. 

IOEBA Blue Ribbon Family Registration- NO BREEDING RIGHTS. 

(Breeding Rights are on a case by case basis and an additional fee equal to the cost of the Bully Baby)

Veterinarian Exam Certificate of Health

LakeView Lodge Bullys Official Certificate

Free vet visit certificate

Up to date on vaccinations: Solo-Jec 5 way- Administered Week 6

Up to date on wormings-x3- Administered at 4,6,8 weeks

Lake View Lodge Bullys recommends:

Grain free chicken free dry food. 

Our Adult Bullys are currently on a grain free Lamb/Beef dry food along with a 

 Venison Fruit/Vegetable  Raw diet. 

A monitored free feed for the first year.  

Missing Link puppy supplement-Chewy.com 

Puppy Pads: Your Puppy is currently using black puppy pads purchased at Amazon.

Crate: Puppies have been introduced to a crate and night time training. 

Toys: LVL recommends only Nyla bones, Kong type toys and NO Raw Hide.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions 810-224-1258